Thursday, May 09, 2013

51 Days Until Aix!

51 Days until we arrive in Aix.  Needless to say, the anticipation is building here as we count down the days!  Air and train tickets have all been bought, suitcases drug in from the garage, and the packing lists have begun in earnest :)
Our poor kitty knows something is up, and I'm really hoping he doesn't get too freaked out about us being gone.  I'm making Teal install a "kitty window" in the house so Milo can get in and out, and we have numerous friends and neighbors who are coming by to take care of him. 
We'll be having a team meeting this weekend with everyone who is going to Aix with us, and I'm really excited to talk about the expectations each person has about camp and what they are hoping for from the trip.  It's going to be hard, physical work, and I hope each person gives 110% and comes away having had an amazing experience!
The next few weeks will be busy-end of the year choir performances for both girls, technique clinics for Lexi's dance team and band rehearsal for Olivia in preparation for camp. My last day of work until August will be May 31, and Teal will work right up til the day we leave.  We've been so busy that I've been forgetting to cook dinner, but I'm telling the kids we're just moving onto Europe time by eating at 8:30 :)   They've been very patient!
Au Revior!

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