Thursday, June 06, 2013

One Week

We are one short week away from leaving. I am beyond overwhelmed. So I've decided, for the moment, that having a glass of wine and staring at the pile of clothes on my sofa is the best option.
I have all my things laid out neatly. And I can see they're not going to fit. 
I've realized that I own ONE pair of shorts. I'm a dress gal. I don't really ever wear shorts. But we've got two weeks of hard work ahead of us. Outdoors, hot, sweaty, dirty work. And dresses aren't going to cut it. 
So I'll add that to the ever growing list of last minute "to-do's". Along with shoes for the girls and Teal, lining up kitty-care, finding a ride to the airport, and seemingly countless other things. 
I am so, so excited to have the opportunity to take this trip. We are still fervently praying for God's provision in covering the costs. We are believing He will. 
I know that once I get on that plane, I'll feel a great sense of relief, but until then, pray for my sanity!
The girls have two days of school left. We couldn't be more proud of them. A year of excellent grades, fantastic musical performances, and both of them auditioning for, and making, advanced choirs for next year! They've worked so hard, and are ready for a break!
Until next week...Au Revoir!

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