Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Funny Story from Lexi

So the other night the girls were over at a friend's house to play and have dinner while Teal and I were at a meeting. Our friend served Lexi a chicken drumstick. Lexi looked at it, a bit perplexed, until our friend asked if everything was okay. "Well," Lexi said, "I'm just not not used to drumsticks. In France we really only have chicken nuggets and skinned ferret."



kerri said...

hahahaha! oh i love that lexi, she's so funny!

actually, i love you all, and i miss you all! hurry back!

Tasha Antonia Hoover said...

I second that! hahahaha!! thanks for sharing that hilarious lexi anecdote.

Anna said...

Now that changes us from frog legs, doesn't it?
Love it!

DesiraƩ Rochelle said...

ahahah I just died laughing!