Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Photos


Amy said...

I think I can officially be called a Rapp Family blogstalker now is noon, my kids are all still in pj's playing in some imaginary world...and I just finished skimming/reading the entire contents of this blog!! I rode the rollercoaster (backwards) of your entire journey from the states to Aix...and what a fun journey it was (for me to read about anyway). I just talked with Justin and Jen, they only have a few more days in Cali. before they head back to Europe. Reading your posts reminded me of all the things they will be going through here shortly. I feel blessed to "know" people like yourself that take on this always-saying-goodbye-to-someone lifestyle! I am sure you will be busy catching up with old friends, but it time allows we should try to visit while you are here. My Lexi would love to meet your Lexi :)

Anita said...

hey you...
lookin' so good you almost look fake.
you. me. tea? if you're into it.
see you in sept.