Saturday, September 20, 2008

Summer Wrap Up (a little late!)

We had a whirlwind summer this year. We started with Camp at the beginning of July, then Staff Retreat, CA Staff Conference and ended it with 4 crazy weeks in the States. We got back to France the first week of September exhausted and sick, but are back on our feet and fully submerged in life here again! We got the girls in school (we are still looking into other options for them),and got us back to work. We had about a day and a half before we were back at it, sickness and all!

All is well now, though, and we are happy to be back in Aix. We had a wonderful time in the U.S. and it was great to connect with so many friends. We loved Starbucks, Mexican food and grocery stores open later than 8pm. We adored the late night chats with friends, and early morning coffees. The girls swam almost every day, which is such a treat, and they indulged themselves at Chik-Fil-A on several occasions!! Overall, a great time was had by all.

Ill add a few pictures, and later I'll update you on our plans for the Fall!

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deanna said...

What fun! Please tell me you did make it to Target! I know that was at the top of the list for the girls, probably because they did not remember a trip to the American Girl store was in the mix. ;-) Hope you're feeling better!