Friday, October 19, 2007

Unexpected Blessings

As I made my way to the post office for the third time this week, I found myself wondering what little treasure had found it's way to us. Last week it was the beloved webkinz, which I knew were coming, but this week's gifts were all surprises! On Tuesday, the girls and I went down and picked up a wonderful box with DVD's in it-2 that they have been dying to see (Charlotte's Web and Open Season), and they came home and immediately watched CW. What a treat! Then on Thursday it was Candy Corns, Starbursts and Fruit Snacks! Yee Haw! It doesn't get much better than that. Until today. Two nights ago Olivia prayed earnestly for new books. She's read everything we have at least twice, and she's ready to dive into some deeper stuff. I told her that when we go home on furlough, we'd devote an entire suitcase to books for her, and she was happy. Then came the box. Full of BOOKS. New, beautiful, hardcover, award winning books. For her. Oh my. I got a book, too! And there was another movie-Flushed Away. My kids are in movie heaven, and we are going to have movie night in just a bit. Although Olivia said maybe she'd just read. Music to a mommy's ears.

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