Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mold update

So today our real estate guy came by with the contractor, and to make a long story short, here goes: Basically I have to leave the doors to Lexi's room open all the time so the wall can dry. Um, yeah, I've been doing that for MONTHS!!! But wait, it gets better. Before the wall can dry then...I have to BLEACH DOWN THE WALL. So mushrooms won't grow any more. And to stop the mold from growing more. Are you serious????? yes. Hopefully the wall will be dry in a month and the work will be finished before Christmas. If it doesn't dry, well, who knows. So now we have one bathroom that is not to be used and one bedroom that is not to be inhabited. hmmmmm....our place is a two bedroom. Can you say "time to move?" Easier said than done, so for now we just wait and see. :)

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