Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sunday night, Teal and Olivia went to a basketball game here in Aix. Lexi was still recovering from Friday night, and I wasn't feeling too hot either, so we stayed home. Well, my sweet hubby called after the game and wanted to know if he should pick up dinner. Yay! We have a pizza place that just opened just a block from our house,so that sounded perfect. I was a bit sick to my stomach, but I can always eat a slice of pizza, so I was really excited. The two of them walk in the door 30 minutes later witha pizza, and Olivia says-Mom, you are gonna be mad! I asked her why, and she said"you'll see!" so I open the pizza box and it's half cheese and half TUNA. oh man-who ever heard of a tunafish pizza? Wow. It was really really gross. Teal said that by the time he finally convinced the guy to do a 1/2 and 1/2 pizza (they do not do that here at all!) he just couldn't say anything about the tuna. Word to the wise- When ordering a pizza in a different language, order only what you know or take a dictionary. Teal thought "thon" was a type of pepper. Any way, the cheese was great, and the place is an answer to a prayer of mine. I have praying for the last 2 months for a pizza place or an affordable little cafe very close to our apartment, and here it is!

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