Friday, January 26, 2007

It's been a while since I posted-things have been busy here. After Lexi got sick, over the next week or so we all got it in some form or other, so I've been taking care of everyone, and then they took care of me!
We are slowly but surely getting thru all of our stuff-we've no where to put a LOT of it, so it will be down in the garage for the long haul. There is precious little storage IN our apartment, but we are blessed with a nice garage and a cave, which is a wine cellar type thing, only ours in huge-almost as big as our garage. It's been fun going thru things and talking about all our memories with the girls-we found our camping stove that Rusty gave us for a wedding gift, and it was great telling the girls about all our memorial day camping trips. We've gone through photo albums, baby books, etc. Teal has his old football jersey from High School, and a jersey from the league that Specialty Cigars played in, and his dad's old letterman's sweater. We got out the dress up clothes-wonderful dresses that used to be their Aunt Kimber and Kelly's (i think!) and they dress up to look like teenagers! A bit scary,really, because it will be here too soon for me.
A great thing happened this week for me. I found my favorite coffee cup of all time. Why is this so great, you ask? I thought it was lost-gone forever-but I found it! It's not just the cup I hold dear, but the memories behind it. Without the background it would just be an ordinary cup. But now, when I drink my coffee each morning, I think of my friend who gave it to me. I love that friend. She is far away from me in Boston, and I don't get to talk with her much. I miss her but she is in my heart always. She is a friend who challenges me, prays for me and loves me even when I am not so lovable, and that is a great thing.

We had drinks this week with a neighbor- a sweet French woman who is a widow and lives in the building next to us. She invited us and another couple over, and we had such a fun time. The other couple is also French, and he is a retired Colonel in the French Air Force. He is in his late 70's, and we got to hear amazing stories (in French, which we actually understood a lot of!) about his time in the Green Berets here, and about WW2. The war is still very important to the French, and it was so interesting to hear him talk about war and politics (he taught on these things after his time in the military) and the US. They are very pro-America, but not so much pro-Bush. Many of the older generation French like America and Americans very much. (don't get them started on the Italians, though!) We are sad because our neighbor is moving in a month to be near her daughter, but this other couple said they would introduce us around to the people in the apartments-apparently they know everyone! Francois, the man, wants to take Teal to play boules and drink Pastis (really gross licorice drink that the men all seem to love) this summer. He said the ladies just take a picnic and watch-sounds good to me!
Well, I'm off to work-class was cancelled this morning, then the girls have their first voice lesson tonight, and our friends Todd and Kari are coming up from Nice tomorrow, so lots to do! Ciao...

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