Monday, January 15, 2007

If any one has extra copies of these, I'd love one!

Splash! A Six-Week Curriculum for Kids Max Lucado SKU: WW510246Retail Price: $19.99 CBD Price: $14.99Here's a 6-week children's curriculum that invites kids to discover God's gifts for them! It's based on both the Hermie and Friends series and Max Lucado's adult bestseller Come Thirsty. Using six great Bible themes, children will discover the W-E-L-L of Jesus: Work, Energy, Lordship, and Love. Along with a DVD featuring lessons for all six weeks of your church experience, you'll find activity sheets, craft ideas, object lessons, memory verse games and songs, puppet skits, Bible stories, and more. Recommended for ages 3 to 8.

Crafts To Celebrate God's CreationKathy Ross, art by Sharon Lane Holm SKU: WW16213Retail Price: $24.90 CBD Price: $5.90The crafts in this book are designed to make children more aware of the wonder and beauty of God's creation. The projects begin with the world itself and all of its wonderful and diverse physical attributes and then follow the Genesis story through the creation of birds and animals of the sea and land, culminating in the creation of the first people. These easy-to-make crafts include art display objects (Glue and Tissue Earth), puppets (Sunrise Cup Puppet), interactive games (Different People Envelopes Puzzle), and even wearable art (Cross Pin). Each project has step-by-step illustrated instructions with materials lists that call for only easy-to-obtain household or craft items. Hardcover, 64 pages. Recommended for ages 6 to 12.
My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God's Word in Little HeartsSusan Hunt SKU: WW1340052Retail Price: $14.99 CBD Price: $11.99"From the Publisher:" Knowing God's Word helps anyone of any age know Him better. With this colorful book Susan Hunt has developed a fun way to help kids learn His truths. Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding Bible verse, and each verse is accompanied by a story to illustrate the scriptural passage. Presented in an easy to use format, it's perfect for use in family devotions, churches, Christian schools or Bible clubs. Ages 3-7, hardcover, 64 pages.
Making Your Children's Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kid's WeekSue Miller with David Staal SKU: WW54850Retail Price: $14.99 CBD Price: $11.99Big or small, your children's ministry can ignite in young hearts faith that grows and spreads in ways you never dreamed. It happens all the time at Willow Creek's Promiseland, and it can happen at your church. Sunday morning can be absolutely the most exciting, fun-filled time of the week for children, a Great kid-Venture that impacts them for the rest of their lives.
Telling the story of Promiseland from its early days till today and offering glimpses of successful children's ministries across the country, Promiseland Director Sue Miller shares insights that can reshape your whole approach to children's ministry and cast a new vision for everyone involved: church leaders, parents and above all, kids. Gleaning from twenty-eight years of hands-on ministry experience, here is practical guidance to help address your most vital concerns and challenges: how to grab and hold kids' interest, how to balance evangelism and discipleshi! p, six specific ministry values that meet kid's needs, secrets to recruiting, training, and leading volunteers.
Postmodern Children's Ministry: Ministry to Children in the 21st Century ChurchIvy Beckwith SKU: WW257549Retail Price: $16.99 CBD Price: $12.99This book offers a vision of ministry that meets children where they are and gives them the tools to sustain faith into adulthood. Moving away from fun as the goal of children's ministry, Ivy Beckwith examines the culture in which children find themselves and offers ideas that will keep them engaged now while preparing them for what's to come. This is an excellent resource and a must for any children's pastor or worker that wants to reach the next generation. Within these pages, you'll discover ways to: develop family and intergenerational worship, use spiritual disciplines and ancient practices with children, worship effectively with preschoolers, create meaningful service projects for children and families, build positive peer communities, engage children as full participants in community. Plus, you'll travel to places and meet people who are! changing children's ministry. Hear stories about what's working, what isn't, what issues are peering over the horizon, and ways to prepare for the future.
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