Sunday, January 14, 2007

Friday night was one of those nights a mother dreads. I had just gone to bed at 1:30 after watching 6 episodes of the office, and I hear a really strange noise. It was Lexi wailing and moaning as she was vomiting and pooping all over my wedding and honeymoon pictures. She continued this for another 5 hours at 25 minute intervals. It was like some kind of torture for me, and I can't even imagine how miserable Lexi must have been. She would do the sick thing, we would just about fall asleep, and then BOOM-another bout begins. She finally fell asleep at about 7 am after keeping down a bit of gatorade, and we slept until 11 until she woke with a fever. It was Alexandra's horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day. She is better now (Sunday afternoon), has been fever free since 3pm yesterday, slept well last night, and has eaten applesauce and toast. Yay!!!

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J.R. Taylor said...

I'm sorry to hear that and glad she is feeling better... but... how exactly do such photos get within vomit/poop-range??