Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The girls went apple picking today with sweet Julie and McKenna! They had so much fun. There is no school for them on Wednesday, so they helped with the move a bit, watched a new movie my mom sent, and now are playing computer games. They are so excited to take a bath in our new apartment, and they love washing their feet in the bidets!
We had new team members, Adam and Tash, arrive today-their flight was delayed and their luggage lost-but they are here safely! They are here for 1 year to get the youth program up and running, and the Pettyjohns (who arrive the 26th!) will be working with them. We are off to the pizza van on the corner for dinner, as we havent gotten our oven hooked up yet. The pizza here is unbelievable. you can just get it from a little stand or a van around town and they are amazing. loaded with mushrooms and gorgonzola and chevre-yowza...

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