Monday, September 18, 2006

Ahhh...I finally made it into the office to check email today. We don't know how long it will be until we get phone and internet, so communication will be sporadic for now. We are getting settled into our apartment, which has been really great. Lexi is having fun at school, but dropping her off has been hard the last few days. She tells us at the end of the day that she had a good day, but oh, those mornings are hard! Olivia is doing well. She is excelling in Math (thanks PACE math!!), and learning new words in French every day. I think it's really exhausting for both of them. Lex sleeps every afternoon at naptime for 2 hours, which is really unusual for her! She loves nap though, because they have these nice little matresses and blankies and pillows for them, and she just snuggles right in and crashes! I wish mommies had naptime!!
Our schedule with work and school is filling up quickly, and I am learning to balance and prioritize in ways I never have before, so please pray for me as I continue in this transition. I wish I could post more, but I'm off to tackle the walk to school and the grocery.

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