Tuesday, September 12, 2006

what an amazing few days it has been for the rapp family! we found an apartment, helped with our first iccp event, I learned how to text message and I got an email from my long lost sweet French friend Amandine! Many of you may remember Amandine-she was the exchange student that lived with the Stoltman's for 6 months and attended ACF.
We are renting the apartment I mentioned several weeks ago on the blog-2 bedrooms, great terrace, marble floors, and most importantly... 2 toilets! God has moved in big ways to get this apartment for us, and we are so thankful. It is small, but lovely, and I think we will be happy there.
The girls are settling in at school. We've had a bit of trouble with communicating about lunch at school with Lexi. We were putting her things where we were told to, but she wasn't getting all of her food. Yesterday I sent cheeseburgers, and of course the meat and cheese went into the fridge, and the rest in her lunch cubby. I'm not sure what happened, but she did not get the things from the fridge. I asked Olivia this morning if she got her burger heated okay yesterday and she said yep, no problem. Lexi said "what?? you got meat? and it was hot??? I had to eat my bun with Ritz crackers in it!" (the crackers were for afternoon snack) The teachers must think we are really whacky americans for sending a "Ritz burger" for lunch...
We got that straightened out this morning, and now her luch is all in one place.

This may be the last postfor a week or two-I'll have to do it from the office now, as our glorious time with free wireless is over. It can take 8 weeks or so to get internet set up at a residence, so I'll have to tote my computer into town. I'll post out new address as soon as we figure out how to spell our street name. It's really long and French. I'm so confused.
Thanks all for your continued prayers and words of encouragement. We so appreciate our dear friends who partner with us in this exciting ministry adventure!

ps...melynda..your nicaragua trip sounds incredible!!! i'd love to hear more.

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