Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lots of things going through my brain today-i'll make a lame attempt to write them down.

Olivia is missing her friends very much-to the point of tears on occasion. One sweet little blondie girl in our old neighborhood especially:) Lexi misses Jimmy. Wants to go back and live with him. Wants to see her Mimi and shop at HEB where we know where stuff is. I am feeling about the same way at this point!

On a completely different subject...at staff conference in a few weeks, the women always have a special gathering for lunch, and this year's theme is "Hospitality". We were asked to submit a picture of what hospitality looks like to us. I was hoping I could send a collage of the many people the past few months who have shown us great offerings of it, but I have to choose just one. Over the long term, I would have to say it would be my sweet mommy-who is such an amazingly gracious hostess, and everything I know about hospitality, I learned from her.
Or it could be my friend Heather in Bend, who rearranged her entire family for a week so we could stay in her home while we visited. She also had a wonderful dinner for me for my birthday and her husband bbq'd amazing meat and they made yummy stuff the whole time we were there. I think the picture I will submit though will be of my sister in law Kelly, her hubby Brent and their girls Allison and Lauren. This sweet family has opened their home to us for weeks now and we have just felt so welcomed and loved.

The photo above is Olivia and her cousin Maris.

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Norma said...

As one searches for a single person who has blessed them in a special way, it's amazing how all of a sudden the search (or rather "blessings") become to numerous to count and the people too special to single out. What a problem to have huh? :-)

We miss you guys and will pray for you tonight -- that you will live tomorrow, and the following days, to the fullest as you wait on Him.

When you wake up, look out the window, and have a beautiful Wednesday!

Love from the Harais gang! Elise says a special "hello with a hug!"