Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Monday, Monday...it's over, and no call from Houston. I feel like I spend my days just praying for the phone to ring, and it doesn't. The watched pot never boils-it's soooo true!!!! Tomorrow I am going to have some sort of schedule so I don't drive myself bonkers. The girls have been with out toys for weeks now, and are starting to get bored. Their cousins (13 & 15) have been so sweet about hanging out with them, but they are starting to long for Barbies and Groovy Girls and little girl things again. I think they are going to have a sleepover with their cousin Maris (9 yrs) tomorrow night, which will be great for them! They don't know it yet, so they will be very excited when I tell them.

We went to my niece's baptism last night and it was a great evening! We are enjoying their church very much-their pastor reminds us a bit of our pastor at home-great energy and a fun guy. He seems to be a very gifted teacher. We got to visit with a number of people last night, and met a very nice couple who are with Greater Europe Missions and are going to Dublin. good to talk to folks who are in the same sort of boat we are!

I'm off to the grocery now to get stuff for Taco Salad...

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lbenigno said...

Ugh! I am so sorry about the waiting. Why does God always have us wait until the 11th hour.... I will pray for less stress, and contentment. It would be very difficult for me to be in a "holding pattern" Let us know when you take off!! xoxoxoxliz