Wednesday, July 19, 2006

so Lexi and Olivia are at a sleepover in Portland-60 miles away-and our cell phone just rang. know the feeling of dread..she was crying so hard I couldn't understand her. I only know she needed her mommy in a desperate way, and at 11pm, I just can't make the drive. We just prayed and prayed that Jesus would give her peace and sleep. I feel like a ROTTEN mother right now. I am so exhausted that I know it would not be safe to go get her, but now I won't be able to sleep knowing she probably cried her little self to sleep.

More thoughts on hospitality (from earlier today!) As the day has gone by, I have been reminded of more and more people who have the gift of hospitality, and Olivia and I had a great talk about it. I asked her to give me an example of someone who had extended hospitality to her and she said "Gabrielle's mommy! Remeber how she took care of us every day for days and days?!" and then Lexi said "yeah Olivia, except it was thirty forty two months" and then there was Elise's mom and my mom and my sister in law in San Diego and my other sister in law in Portland, and the Potter's and the Morton's and so many people I can't even list them. What a great reminder of how many people God has put into our lives to encourage and support us. So to all of you...Thank you-we love you. We are very blessed.

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Sydney said...

Hey Lexi,
This is Sydney Hammer. I love you very much. I miss you and hope to see you again soon.
I love you,