Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Over the past few weeks I've been thinking a lot about Europe, and our years here. This photo is our family in August 2005. Alexandra was 4 and Olivia was 7. This was our first meal in Amsterdam-our first stop on the way to the CA staff conference in the Netherlands-and the kids' first trip to Europe. It seems like forever ago. The girls look like babies to me. By the time we leave here, Lexi will have lived half her life in France. She's never been to school in English. Moving to America will be strange for her. It may seem very natural, that as Americans, we would feel at home in our own country. I think this may not be true for her, especially. While I hope she adjusts well to American culture, part of me really hopes that both girls hold on to their "Frenchness" as much as they can.


~meredith~ said...

I wish the inverse...that my girls could go live in America and get a good dose of Americaness. Sometimes I don't see any in them.

Anonymous said...

After graduating BCOM, I went to Europe for a year. Most of that year was in Le Chambon de Vorey. When it was time to return to the states I cried for days. I had fallen in love with France; the people, the countryside, the culture, the lifestyle, the slower pace, everything.

It was such a shock to return. I was an adult and had lived there less than a year yet I was so unprepared for the return. The hustle, bustle as well as the excess was overwhelming. For months I longed to be able to return to France.

I still long to be able to return to live there.

Will pray for your transition as you come to mind.

Anonymous said...

Julie here. I remember our sobbing goodbye when you left Austin. I know how painful it will be for you all to leave France. We will be thankful to have you one days with of driving away though. Looking forward to your next adventure. Love y'all!

Jackie said...

Five years is a long time. Moving back to the States may well seem un-natural for quite a bit; with adjustments for everyone. My prayer for all of you is that you hold on to all of the Frenchness that has found its home in your hearts and that you find subtle (and not so subtle) ways of sharing all those precious pearls with the rest of us...on this side of the pond.