Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat

A little trick or treating fun...


Laura Lee said...

Aww fun! i miss you guys so much! I hope you come to visit soon and see how much everything has changed here. The lake was at its all time low for the past few months. You know that cove area where Johnny Finns was? well the coved area was gone, it was all the way back to the actual lake part, and they had to move Jonhhny Finns into the middle of the lake and it was shut down for ever. Lily has a pallet expander and has a huge gap between her teeth, she will be getting braces on december 17, and Lindsy has cut her hair to her neck, but it allready grew back out. Im 5'3 and currently single, should be getting my permit soon because they made a new law that after sep. 1st if you didnt have your permit, than you have to wait a year instead of 6 months before you can get your lisence. It really sucks, but keep us in your thoughts my grandpa (moms) has to get a liver transplant soon. Hes #1 on the list, but it makes everyone and everything we do really stressed. Its kinda taking a toll on my and my moms relationship, so just keep us in your thoughts.
Thanks Love You Guys!
give olivia and lexi a HUGE HUG from me!
-Laura Lee
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J. et K. said...

Hi Megan

I wasn't sure where the best place to repsond to your baking soda/baking powder question was, so hope you see this!

To answer your question:

And for other American-in-France food topics:

Happy baking,

- K

Becca said...

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