Monday, November 30, 2009

November, where did you go??

It's been a busy month for our family. With work, school, a holiday and vacation, we haven't slowed down a bit! We were happy this month to have the girls home for two weeks (they have 2 weeks off school every 6 weeks), it's always nice to have a change of pace and let them sleep in some! They are at school from 8:30-4:30, and by the time we get home and they do homework, it's already 6:30. I feel like we hardly see them most of the time!
We were able to take a short family vacation to London last week, which was amazing. We haven't traveled much outside of France, but thanks to cheap RyanAir flights, sweet friends with a guest room, and free museums in the city, it's an affordable getaway!
We also had our friends Darren and Dana and their kids visit us from North Africa. It was a much too short, but very sweet visit, and the kids just loved seeing their friends again!

Last night we hosted 200 people for the annual [iccp] Thanksgiving feast, which was a great time! It's always so fun for our community to come together in such a big way to celebrate and fellowship with each other.

December promises to be a busy month, as well! We have the Annual Christmas Carol concert next weekend, Olivia's birthday after that, a birthday party for two of my girlfriends here at the house, Christmas, and of course a New Year's party here! So much to look forward to!


Adam S. McHugh said...

Saw you were reading The Introvert Advantage, so I couldn't resist telling you about my new book, Introverts in the Church. It just came out a month ago. Plus, my wife and I are traveling to Provence next summer, so there's lots of things on your blog I find intriguing!

the new rudy's said...

i love in the first photo that lexi is getting picked on and just seems to be ignoring him. it made me laugh.