Saturday, October 10, 2009

Food Adventures

I think I take for granted sometimes how adventurous my kids are with their eating. In France they are exposed to so many foods that we never saw in the States. One of Lexi's favorite meals these days is Magret de Canard with a Cherry-Port reduction sauce. Olivia loves Beef Bourguignon. Well, they both love that. They aren't shocked anymore in the grocery store when we see the little skinned rabbits all stretched out in the butcher case. They still have their little buck teeth, too! (the rabbits, not the kids!) They try ratatouille, strange saucissons, fish steaks, taboule, and lamb roasted over a firepit. All kinds of things I'd not even heard of as a child. And it's as natural to them as the sun coming up in the morning. They are not crazy about Portuguese food, but they prefer it to Dutch food. Although the Dutch have the most fabulous frites and peanut sauce you could ever imagine. and the Dutch Pancakes. wow. You haven't had one till you've had it the Netherlands, that's for sure! Hungarian food leaves something to be desired, but they loved Tapas in Spain. Anything that's Italian-get out of their way!
What a gift to be able to introduce them to so many cultures and their foods! I am so thankful that they seem to enjoy this part of the adventure as much as I do!

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