Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another reason to love France

Lexi's best friend at her new school, Margaux, came over to play today.
When her mom dropped her off, she told us that next week they are moving
one street away from us. Lexi has not had a friend since we moved to France that lived
near us. I can't even believe how happy this makes me. And Lexi is beside herself. They have planned sleepovers and playdates every weekend for the next 6 months. We couldn't have gotten
better news over this holiday. (Lexi thinks finding out she could turn into a mermaid would actually be just as good, but she's still really happy!)


deanna said...

So happy for you all! There's nothing more fun than a BFF.=)

Beth said...

Hi! I'm so happy to have found your blog!

We (husband, daughter of 9 yrs, and myself) are contemplating a move to Provence and I've been searching the internet for information. We are Canadians and have been thinking about a move for a quite awhile. France has recently come up as a place of interest, and since we would be bringing our daughter along, I'm ecstatic to have found your blog!

I'll be happily reading and catching up on what you've written!


kim said...

What great news! I understand completely about friends not being close. Seems we drive all over Geneva for playdates. To have someone just down the street would be great! Enjoy!