Monday, December 24, 2007

The Reason For The Season

The girls are glued to the computer, because the NORAD Santa Tracker is up and running now! Santa is on the move, and boy, are we excited. Lexi and I had a neat conversation yesterday about why we give gifts at Christmas, and it is so fun just to see her little mind work and process things! Her big question was wondering why, if Christmas is about Jesus and the gift He has given to us, why don't the stores put that in all their windows? good question, little one. So as we track where Santa is on this Christmas eve, we'll anticipate the excitement of leaving cookies for Santa, carrots for the reindeer and opening presents. But more importantly, we'll be thinking about the true Gift of Christmas. The one that doesn't arrive broken, the one that's always the right size, and the one that never needs to be exchanged or returned. The one that is Jesus. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Leslie said...

we're tracking santa, too! i told my olivia that we would celebrate when he got to France because it would mean he was visiting you guys. :) merry christmas!!

tony sheng said...

Merry Christmas Rapps!!

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