Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cheese Bombed!

Oh my goodness! Teal came home just a few minutes ago and said "well, I've been cheese bombed!" and I (having never heard of a cheese bomb) said, "WHAT??" It tuns out, when someone hurls a large chunk of cheese out the 4th floor window and it lands on the top of your car, it is called a "cheese bomb". okay. So why did this happen, you might be wondering? well...T went to pick up some friends to take them to the airport, and since it is very cold out this morning, he left the car running to keep warm. Sadly, our muffler is cracked and our car sounds like a 747 about to take off. I guess the "bomber" got tired of the noise. So begins another day in this French life.

ps...we are getting the car fixed, but the mechanics are on vacation until January 8 or so!

1 comment:

Anita said...

so, it seems to me a waste of perfectly good cheese. perhaps they could follow it with a baguette and ease down a bottle of wine while they are at it...