Saturday, December 15, 2007

random thoughts...

today is just a melange of randomness. i have a lot floating around in my head, no motivation to write any of it down, but need to get rid of it! so here goes:
1)delivered hot chicken and potato meals to the homeless today with my team.
2)had a parent's night out last to connect with a neat gal that I have been wanting to get to know better.
3)haven't even started my Christmas shopping...the thought of doing it depresses me and I don't know why.
4)the is WAY to much month left at the end of the money
6)i am very glad we have a 2 week break coming up
7)we get to back to the U.S. this summer and I am really looking forward to it
8)tickets will cost over $7,000 unless i find some kickin' deal soon
9)i will get to go to target and have coffee with my Julie-friend and then we will go to goodwill and buy books and then we will eat chickenfried steak.
10)my brother and sister in law are moving to Brussels in 3 weeks
11)i think my parents are going to be really sad to have all their grandbabies in Europe
12)Olivia would go back to the States tomorrow if she could. And I don't think she would ever look back.
13)my christmas tree is already dried out :(
14)our new kitty has broken 6 ornaments so far, but he is SO cute!!!

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mego said...

So I was looking at Boomama's blog and I saw that Megan was the winner of a Land's End gift certificate - of course I was so excited thinking it just might be me. But then when I saw that it was you I thought that was sooo cool! Congrats!