Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We're Home!

We are back from our annual staff conference. I was hoping to write a really profound, inspirational wrap up of our week, but I'm too tired right now. But I will say it was a very full week full of good conversations, great quiet times, and just overall fun. It was so good to be among people who are doing the same things we are, and who know what this crazy life is all about.
The two days in Vienna as a team was really fun. We saw lots of great sites, ate great schnitzel, and saw a concert in front of the City Hall. oh...Dom and Hilary got engaged, too. Yippeee!!!!
Things continue in Aix at a hectic pace. I have bben attempting to do laundry for the past two days, but as it has been very cool (@68 degrees) nothing is drying! our dryer is on it's last legs, so I am trying not to use it. As long as I don't do any towels, we should have enough clean clothes for Corsica. That's right! My parents arrive tomorrow and are taking us to the lovely island of Corsica for a week. we are soooo excited! The girls start school a few days after we return, then services start up again, then my inlaws are coming, then Teal leaves for 2 weeks, THEN things settle down for a bit!

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deanna said...

Oh, I'm so jealous!! Can't wait to see some pics of that! Have lots of fun!