Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Do you ever have those days when you feel completely, totally overwhelmed? Today is one of those days. I have a living room full of suitcases that are packed and almost ready to go to staff conference, a mountain of laundry that needs to be folded (but where to put it? our 2 teeny closets are stuffed to the brim, as are the dressers!) I have a mountain of towels that need to be washed-remembering, of course, that it takes a full day to wash and dry ONE load). The children's rooms, which were clean, vacuumed and mopped on Monday, are now disaster areas. That's not all of it, but I won't bore you with anymore details. We leave on Saturday morning. Oh, I woke up with a sore throat today. hmmm. well, i'm off to tackle the mess. If I get it all done, I'll post one more time before leaving!


Leslie said...

i know exactly how you feel. except it's my room, and we leave TODAY.

i can't wait to meet you and your family! our team is SO SO SO excited!

see you in a few days!

lammert said...

hi megan,
If you need some help with the laundry feel free to drop some off at darrin and julie's place. We are staying at their place. lammert