Saturday, April 07, 2007

We are legal!!

I think...
We had our appointment in Marseille on Thursday for our Carte de Sejour (residence card) and we now have our Recipesse (or something like that). We were told they would mail us our card by the 4th of July. And the good news is, once we get that card in July, we get to start the whole process over agin for the next year!! This time will be much easier.
We had a lovely day in Marseille, really the first time we've explored at all around here without the kids. We took the bus in and walked about 8 miles around by the old port, went by the American Embassy, had a wonderful vietnamese lunch, and came home just in time to pick up the kids at school. The weather was gorgeous and it was so nice to have some time alone with my sweetie!
As soon as Pat gets his pictures posted, I will put some on here of the Maundy Thursday prayer labyrinth ICCP had on thursday. it was really beautiful.
I am preparing this morning for our Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic, and the girls are so excited. It is beautiful outside and they are ready for FUN!!!

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