Friday, April 06, 2007

Blatant, Pitiful Plea for English Movies!!! is my sad plea for movies. We have been watching the same shows for months, and we'd all love some new movies. Except possibly Teal, who could watch "24" over and over again.
The only english tv stations are BBC news and Al Jazeera-neither of which is good for kids!

Charlotte’s Web (new one)
Night at the Museum
Anna Karenina (w/Vivien Leigh)
Happily N’ever After
Fletch (chevy chase)
Bridge to Terebithia
Arthur and the invisibles
High School musical -Remix edition
Newest Harry Potter (#4)
The prince of Egypt
Barbie: Magic of the Rainbow (part of the Fairytopia series)
Barbie: Nutcracker
"24" season 4 and 5
Any PBS or History Channel series
region 1 (usa) dvd's for an american player/laptop...thanks j.r.!

Overstock has great prices and often has free shipping to your house (but not ours :()

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J.R. Taylor said...

What DVD Region Code? 1 (US) or 2 (Eur)? If you have a European DVD player you can't play US bought DVDs. They have to be Region 2 (European) DVDs.