Wednesday, January 03, 2007


We are leaving this morning. hmmmm. not sure how I feel about it. We had such an amazing time here, although we did not get to see everyone we had hoped. Time just went by too quickly :( We did, however, get a great few days with my brother and his family out in Bastrop. It was so fun just to hang out and watch our kids swim and ride bikes and laugh toghether. They are growing up so quickly it's amazing. My niece will be 2 in March and she is the most adoroable little thing! The girls had a blast playing with her, and I must admit I loved toting around a baby again (for a short time!!!).

We saw dear friends and many people from our home church, and leave here feeling very encouraged and loved. We spent a wonderful evening with our small group, the girls had playdates with close friends, and it was a time I wouldn't trade for anything!

So now it's back to France. I can't wait to see our team!!! I am looking forward to finally setting up my house. The girls can't wait to sleep in their own beds-its been 15 months. But it's winter in France, and I am not looking forward to walking each day in the windy cold. Do you burn more calories if its winter? maybe it's worth it!!! I have to work off all the stinkin' chicken fried steak and queso I ate the last two weeks. yowza. I'm off to finish the last of the packing and try to figure out how to work my mom's coffee maker.

the pictures are of my family at the Hyatt for my parent's 50th anniversary, the little girls from our small group playing dress up and Teal with my niece Allison.

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