Monday, December 25, 2006


Merry Christmas everyone! We had the amazing priveledge last night to celebrate Christmas eve at our home church in Austin. What a joy to walk in and see the faces of people we know and love, people who have watched our babies grow up over the last 4 years, people who embraced us and encouraged us and welcomed us. It was a very special evening.
I woke up this morning missing our team, wondering what the Jonses were doing, how Andi's trip home was going, how Pat and Lindsay's trip went, if Adam and Tasha are having a blast with their family who are in Aix for Christmas. I am thinking of Tim and Apryl and their girls, and how they will, with amazing gifts of hospitality, welcome people into their home today to celebrate our Savior's birth. I miss Dom and his gentle, encouraging spirit. God has placed us in this amazing team, and it's in the brief leaving that this becomes more clear. I miss them, and will look forward to returning.
As much as I miss our life in Austin, and I do miss it tremendously, we are making a new life in France. It hasn't really felt that way most of the time, it's mostly felt like just existing. Getting through one day at a time. Being away from Aix makes me realize, though, that LIFE is happening there. Friendships are beginning to form, routines are being established, and God is working. How exciting.

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