Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I will post this quickly as my internet time is very limited and I am borrowing a computer right now-pray for us tomorrow as a few of us have the opportunity to serve the Muslim community in Amsterdam by serving a Ramadan meal at a community gathering. I am really looking forward to this time and pray we can show the love of Christ to this group! I will update this when I can and let y'all know all about it.

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lbenigno said...

Wow, Megan how did it go? Muslims at Ramadan, it doesn't get much more intense than that, and there you are in the middle of it. I love getting caught up with the Rapps, keep your journal going. ACF is blowing and growing. Remember how small we used to be? If you go up into Switzerland let me know and I'll give you Steve's sister's name. She and her husband live in Zug. xooxxoliz