Friday, October 20, 2006

As I think I mentioned before, several of us who are in Den Haag this week for Field Orientation had the opportunity last night to participate in the Muslim community of Amsterdam by serving at a Ramadan Dinner. We had a really interesting and fun cross -cultural experience! We found out more about the signifigance of Ramadan (fasting to experience what poverty is like), we got to talk with Muslims from Morrocco, Dutch Nationals, and a fun woman from Italy! There were about 50 people there, and not too many english speakers, but we were able to communicate anyway, which was so encouraging. Those of us from CA were able to share with those at our table about what we are doing in Europe. After the meal-which was delicious and all new foods for me!!- we (the 3 women from CA) did all the dishes by hand as the dishwasher had broken that afternoon. It was a very fun evening, and I was so gald to have that chance to experience a meal in a different kind of community.
I am returning to France tomorrow and can't wait. It has been a long, exhausting, information filled, great time away, but I miss my family and need to be back. I have missed 2 weeks of french class and am terrified I won't be able to catch up, but will do the best I can. Please pray for us as we continue to raise support and settle into our new home. Thank you!!!


hastingr said...

Wow, what an incredible journey you are in.
feeding a ramadan dinner? That is interesting indeed!

JulesLe said...

You did it Megan... and Teal! I'm proud of you for going away and doing what you had to do. Congrats on your VISA's as well! HUUUUUGS!