Friday, August 11, 2006

We went to look at an apartment last night...2 bedroom-900 square our price range. 5 months rent up front...yikes. It was really cute and tiny. great terrace with a view of the mayors house. the estate agent who showed it to us told us his grandparents had lived in the mayors house many years ago, and they currently own the property with all the apartments on it. It is very well maintained, but like the place we are staying now, there are no children living there. Unlike our current place, however, there is a space for them to scooter and ride bikes. We will continue looking.

We had a fabulous dinner last night at Pasta Cosy in Centreville. We were visiting with the owner (i think?) of the place and told hime we were american. He said he knew other americans in town and thought it was good if we had some connections, so he went to get a phone # and email for us. He came back and gave us Darrin and Julie's info! For those of you who don't know-they are our team leaders, and we are currnetly living in their old apartment! We all laughed, and then he said he knows our whole team. Then told us if we ever needed help with anything, to please let him know! He was very good to us, and we look forward to going back often. I know we've only been here a short time, but we've yet to have a bad experience in town. Every French perosn we have interacted with has been kind and helpful-hopeully we can help shatter the stereotype of the "ugly american" for them as they have certainly not been rude or aggressive as most French are labeled.

we continue to search each day for small victories, for we are struggling with many things right now. Our family is healthy and safe, and we know God has a plan in all this chaos. We would like to ask that yao continue to pray for us for housing, language and support raising, and we ask that you also pray and listen if God is calling you to missions. The need in Europe is so astounding, and the workers are few. CA has teams that need you, as do many other missions organizations. If you have any questions about CA and what's going on In Europe, just e-mail us and we'll fill you in!

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