Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We are back in Aix, but still not able to settle in as we have no place to live. We have been told that this period in transition can be very difficult, and that we must look for small "victories" each day. This week we've had a few, so I'll share them. We made a sucessful trip to the grocery store, we met an American neighbor one floor up (whose internet I am using now!), we have a refridgerator!!!!! we navigated through Marseille to pick up items purchased from IBC missionaries who are going back to the states, and I found out that when my girls are starving, they will snack on red bell pepper and snap peas (unheard of at home). There have been many things that are discouraging and frustrating, but God gives us enough good things to pull us through each day. At this point that's all we can do-one day at a time. I'll post more pictures soo. Please pray earnestly for us about the visas and a home. Merci.

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