Friday, August 25, 2006

Today's the day-I am going to register the girls for school. I was having a hard enough time last year anticipating the time when Lexi would go off to Kindergarten, but now knowing that I am sending both little girls off into the language abyss-well, it's a bit much for me. I often wonder if we are ruining their lives. It's funny that even though all the books and people tell you this transition is so hard, they can't really describe how hard. They don't tell you that mentally and emotionally it is so overwhelming that some days you can't get out of bed. Okay-some people do say that's normal, but not until after you've moved!! I think if the intensity of it could be accurately described, no one would do this. I know that so many people think -oooh, the south of France, how hard can it be?- ummmmm...really hard. really really expensive. not nearly as many people speak english as we thought (at least not that will confess to speaking it!) Loads and loads of walking. Spiritual darkness/emptiness.
That being said...there are a lot of great things about being here too. we are blessed to be part of an amazing team and a great organization. The country is beautiful and the weather has been so nice. We are enjoying trying lots of new foods, and have met some very kind French people. That is one of the best things, actually. The people we have met have been so amazing and interested in what we are doing here. We look forward to connecting more in the community as we begin to learn French.

the photo is olivia and mckenna hiding between the seats on the train from amsterdam to paris. this was their clubhouse for the ride!

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Vickie said...

Hey Guys,

It's Vickie and I finally got around to viewing your blog...AWESOME. Keep it up. God is doing great things over there through your family.

We have been having an "alpha" course (intro to Christianity)for some local Chinese. It's been awesome and we had our first salvation a few weeks back. It was an experience I'll never forget and it just made all the stuff we went through here in the beginning all worth it.....speaking of which...Megan girl, my heart goes out to you with the girls, the adjustment, the school, the language!! Let me tell you, it will be tough but just remember that these are the times we grow and get rid of the old junk and produce more fruit for his kindgdom. My heart broke time after time for Erica when she cried over things, missing Austin, adjustment issues in chinese was rough, but our girl came through with flying colors and is more Christ-like because of the challenges she overcame. We can do ALL things through Christ because he strenghtens us. Your girls are overcomers. I used to think we might have made a mistake coming here, but God gently reminded me that he directs the footsteps of my girls as well.

O.K, enough preaching. Just wanted to encourage you. Love you all!