Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Funny story of the day...(for some of us, anyway!) Lexi came runing in our bedroom last night crying and hollering-my thung ith bweeding, my thung ith bweeding-translated my tongue is bleeding and said as she is sticking her tongue out as far as it will go. as we fussed and fawned over her, Teal asked what happened and she said "I don't know I don't know!!" she lays down on our bed to calm down, and Teal sneaks off to the kitchen, where he finds a chair by the fridge, and the freezer door wide open. Here in good old France, we do not have a frost free refrigerator, and Lexi was licking the ice off the inside of the freezer. when her tongue got stuck inside on the wall, she just tore it right out of there, basically leaving the top layer behind. Sadly, we did not get photos, but we will always have the memory. Wow, life just keeps on getting better and better.

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