Thursday, February 03, 2011


The time for saying goodbyes has begun.
In less than 6 months we will be leaving this beautiful place we have called home for 5 years. There are many days when I will start crying for no apparent reason, but I know it because the grieving has started. I am trying so hard to be excited for moving back to my own country. Although I will not be going "home". My home is here now.
I have dear friends that I love. And I will miss them beyond words. I will miss the history and the culture of this amazing place. I will miss the food, the wine and the laid back lifestyle. I will miss the simplicity of life.
I am scared of what lies ahead, of getting back into the rush of American life. Of living in a new place, with weather that is COLD. a lot.
But I know, ultimately, it will be good. For I never would have anticipated that I would fall in love with France. But I did. And a piece of my heart will always remain here.
Just maybe, Colorado will capture my heart, as well.
But for now, I will focus on really living the rest of my time in Aix. Savoring each moment, each friendship, each beautiful day that I have left here.

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Amber and Shaun said...

Hello! I have really loved reading your blog since I stumbled across it. I hope to one day work overseas in church planting, and France is a dream of mine. My husband and I are actually from Colorado Springs and miss it a lot! It is a beautiful place to live. God's blessings on the transition!