Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lexi is taking a Hip Hop dance class right now, and I have to say~the girl is GOOD. Her teacher was praising her abilities last week, and she is just loving the class! After just a few weeks, she is already able to do some of the more difficult moves. That's Lex in the white shirt and jeans doing the upside down twisty thing!


Laura Lee said...

Hey Rapps! it's Laura Lee Blackburn, just wanted to tell you guys i miss u bunches!! i just recently got my braces off also, so ill send yall an e-mail so u can see my new, shiney teeth! cant wait to see u this summer!
Luv bunches! Laura Lee
P.S i also got a new phone, so shoot me a text sometime!

Spicy Magnolia said...

Hi, Megan! I just wanted to drop a little note to say "thanks"! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on Antique Mommy's blog last week that was on advice for new moms! That post meant so much to me and I've printed out all of the comments to reread again and again. So thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and encourage me and other new moms!

Your girls are precious. And you came from Austin?? That's where we are. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

DesiraƩ Rochelle said...

Look at you using technical hip hop language!
Twisty things and such... :)
I love you! Your girls are beautiful, your doing such a good job with them!