Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

It's hot here. I asked our friends Eric and Carla to bring some nice Texas weather with them when they visited last week. Big mistake! We went from 60's and raining to almost 100 (according to my thermometer outside!) in just a week. I've been forced to visit the frozen food store frequently just so I don't pass out on my walk home. My plants are shriveled, and the children's hair is plastered to their heads when I pick them up in the afternoon. Their school, like most buildings here, does not have A/C, and by 4:30, they are a frazzled mess! The good news is my laundry is drying faster than I can put it away~yay!!! maybe I'll finally catch up on that chore :)

The next two weeks are crazy busy here-we start prepping for camp Saturday, have several full day work days out at our camp location, and then camp starts the 7th of July. We are all so excited, and we have over 50 kids this year-I think we had 34 last year, so it's just great how it's growing. I'll be sure and post pictures-the kids will be wearing renaissance type costumes, so the photos will be fun!

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Anonymous said...

You should be careful what you ask for silly -- you just might get it! Next time I won't bring my umbrella and the weather will stay rainy and cool.