Monday, February 25, 2008


Last week we were fortunate enough to get to visit my brother and his sweet family in Bruxelles, and here are some of the pictures from our time there.
Bruxelles is a beautiful city~full of green space (where no one screams at you to get off the grass!), play grounds, wonderful bookstores, and plenty of other things to keep families busy! It was so fun to be in a place with so much for kids to do. When we were driving in to Pat and Kelly's, Lexi leaned over and whispered, "look Mommy, they have real, live GRASS here!" That's something they don't see much of here in Aix, and I never realized how much we miss it!


deanna said...

How sweet! Was it warm enough to go to a water park?? Wow!

jennifer in OR said...

I loved the slide show. And I didn't realize that Aix didn't have a lot of grass... It looks like a lovely trip!