Monday, November 26, 2007

Well, now that I have recovered a bit,I can tell y'all about our Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday! We (Teal, Adam and Tasha Hoover, and I) hosted a Traditional American Celebration along with two other couples in our small group. We had around 65 people from many countries, including Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Tunisia, England, Germany, Ethiopia, France and America! It was so exciting to see all the different cultures come together to share in this meal, and to learn a little more about us and our traditions. Many people brought foods from their home cultures, so it was a true feast. In the pictures below, there is a shot of Teal holding a brown thing and I am sitting there laughing. I'm laughing because it is a GOAT bagpipe. Oh my goodness, seriously the strangest intrument I've ever seen!!! Our friend Riadh brought it. It sounds like a bagpipe when he plays it, and a dying animal (goat, I guess!) when Teal attempted it!
There was great conversation and lots of connections made, which was really wonderful, and we've gotten many notes already from guests who had a fantastic time. Hopefully this is something we can continue in the years to come! the way...we invited our downstairs neighbors~remember the ones who threatened to call the police on us last year? Yeah, well, they LOVE us now and had a great time. And they invited us to a party in January. We've come a long way, baby.


deanna said...

That is truly something to be thankful for!! (you know, goat bagpipes and all - LOL!) I had no idea you all were on France's Most Wanted list!!!

God is so good.

Julie said...

So great to hear about your neighbor! Wow, what an amazing triumph there. Sound like you all had such a great time! Again... sorry we could not be there. :(


Greg Clift said...


You checked my blog! I thought nobody was even looking. No I'm motivated to post s'more.

I'm teaching a couple of techno. classes at school and trying to see if kids (6th graders) can blog safely. I'm not sure that it's going to work... too many dangerous links etc.

We prayed for your friends with the fire.