Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Saying goodbye yet again

My children are tired of saying goodbye. Lexi woke up at 6am yesterday sobbing and asking "why mommy? why do the people we love keep leaving us?" in the last month they have said goodbye to my parents, Teal's parents, and some sweet friends they met (and bonded instantly with!) that were here for 5 weeks from California. How do I explain this to her sweet, tender, 6 year old heart? I hurt when my babies hurt, and let me tell you-this last year my heart has broken over and over and over. Lexi has made a darling new friend at school, and the other day she said, "you know, "M" isn't going to be my best friend any more." I asked her why, and she said "Because probably he is going to move." I assured her he is here to stay, and she was very glad to hear it. It made me think, though, that she is already trying to protect herself from the sadness by not getting too attached. I pray that God would protect her little heart, and that she will just be free to be the ball of energy and joy and adventure that she was created to be.


Heather said...

I hear ya! It becomes a sacrifice of love and praise to be willing to open yourself to friendships that may very well be taken away before long by distance!

Spence Farmer said...

Oh precious, I will continue to pray for your kids. My mommy's heart has broken many times this last year as well and we aren't done yet. I love you.


A Place For Ministry Wives said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You don't have to post this comment if you don't want anyone to trace you back to my site! Some of the ministry wives that visit it, consider it their "special, safe place" and enjoy their anonymity.

I, too, remain anonymous on my blog, however, I DID want to tell you that we are missionaries (new, only about 1 year), as well, and it has been a tear shedding year for my sweet daughter, too. :-(

I know how difficult explaining God's plan can be to our grieving children (heck, and us, too!). LOL.