Thursday, September 20, 2007

The non blogger

Basically, I don't write anymore because I'm so busy. In the last 24 hours,though, I did 2 ridiculous things I thought I'd share. Number one...Last night at dinner, Lexi got up to get more milk. I wanted a glass of water, so I thought I'd ask her to get it for me. Well, if you know us at all, you know we have a bajillion nicknames for our kids, and last night I couldn't decide whether to call Lexi "Stubby" or "Cupid", so I called out to her and combined both names-"Could you please get me some water, STUPID?" Olivia dropped her fork and about died right there at the table. It was awful, so awful. We don't say the "S" word in our family, so to just come right out and holler that was just bad. We all got a good laugh out of it, though.
Number two...I was just taking laundry out of the dryer-it had just been fluffing for about 10 minutes, so I didn't think it would be hot. Well, I pulled Olivia's sweat shirt out and immediately noticed an odd smell. I put the shirt up do my nose, and then proceeded to burn the heck out of my lips on a very hot metal snap. So now I am sitting here with my bottom lip swollen from the burn, and I feel like an idiot. There. that sums up my last 24 hours.
The good news is my inlaws are due in in 3 hours. YAY!!!


Patrick said...

just so you know...i got a very good laugh out of your blog entry! thanks ;O)

Julie said...

Can I call you "Hot Lips" now?

Spence Farmer said...

Thanks for the laugh precious!


Melissa said...

Ok, I don't even know you, but this post has had me laughing so hard, I have tears running down my face! I know it must be hard to be overseas and adjusting to a new language and culture. The longest I've ever done it is 8 wks, and I only scratched the surface of culture shock! Hang in there! I will pray that your ministry is fruitful. BTW, I visited Aix, along with Marsaille in 1996, and it was gorgeous! My college choir toured Europe, so I got to experience it. I still remember wandering the streets of Aix and eating at a great restaurant, although I couldn't begin to tell you what it was called! Oh- I found your blog through BooMama. I'm going to keep on browsing it. Have a great day!