Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So we were watching a movie tonight (Shiloh) and the boy in the movie is sitting at the table getting ready to eat cereal. There is a gallon of milk on the table and Olivia said "Whoa, Mom! Look at that freaky huge thing of milk!!" I just laughed and asked her if she remembered that's what milk looks like in the States, and she didn't remember. We've only been gone a year. The milk in France is small-most of the time they are out of the 1/2 gallon at my store, so I buy the quarts. And they only stock a few of those at a time because most people here buy the UHT (shelf stable) milk in cardboard cartons. We just can't get used to it. And there's no fat free milk, either. I think the lowest fat is like 3%, so needless to say, I drink very little milk here!


deanna said...

Haha.. that's cute!! We hardly drink milk except in our cereal but thanks for the warning. Anything more than 1% makes me sick - and I LOVE milk!

Samantha said...

Hi! Skim milk is called lait écrémé and 2% (well, actually 1.5%) is called lait demi-écrémé. At least where I live, the skim milk usually has a green bottle (for fresh) or green lettering (for UHT).

I really miss American milk, I used to drink quite a bit of it over there, but have had to cut back since I find the French milk so different.

Ken Broadhurst said...

I like the lait écrémé stérilisé just fine. I put it in tea, cook with it, and drink it once in a while. I don't find that it has any funny taste.

The only skim (écrémé) milk I've found is the sterilized kind that you don't have to refrigerate until after you open the carton.