Friday, August 24, 2007

More thoughts on CONNECT

My thoughts aren't much more coherent now that we've been home a few days, but I'm afraid if I wait any longer, I'll forget what it is I want to say! Some real highlights for me, other than all the fun, were the worship and the prayer night. I'll start with the prayer night, because really, things like that pretty much freak me out. Maybe it was so meaningful because Teal was so intensely involved in planning and carrying it out. Maybe it was because I am growing. Maybe it is because I have a bigger picture of what God is doing. Even though Europe is a spiritually dark place, HE IS NOT FINISHED WITH IT!!!!! We hear so often "Why don't you go to South America, or Africa, where there is real need??" And yes, there is need in those places of the Gospel, and many physical needs as well, but this continent is crying out for a Savior, too! So to be confirmed that we are where God wants us, in a country that is desparate for Jesus was a really good thing.
Part of the prayer night involved footwashing, which is another thing that freaks me out because I do not like feet. But it was a very moving experience in many ways. After the footwashing, we then prayed for all the countries Christian Associates
has church plants in, and also Europe in general. We also spent time praying for the leaders of these countries, and the leadership of CA.
The other part of the conference that was amazing for me was the music. Wow. The musicians this year were just fantastic. There are a lot of incredibly talented people in our organization, and boy, did they shine last week! In addition to the CA people, we had a gal named Kendall Payne lead a few times and was great!!! I would encourage everyone to check out her music on itunes or at

so there it is. a brief update. I can't wait until next year!!!

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