Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just a note to say I won't be posting for a while-my computer screen is totally black. Until we figure out what the problem is, I'll have to use Teal's computer and it's not free very often!
On the more positive side of things...our neighbor (who had threatened to call the police on us because the children walked too loud) who didn't like us very much the first 6 months we lived here, has invited us to drinks to celebrate his birthday! They also brought the girls necklaces from Claire's and a birthday card for Lexi! WOW...the months and months of patiently reaching out to them is starting to soften them, I think. We are so encouraged, as it is so important for us to connect with the French people as well as the internationals. Pray for this relationship, as they speak no English at all and we want to continue to grow this budding friendship. We are excited to see what God does here!

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