Friday, March 16, 2007

Just a quick update before I leave town tomorrow-we had a fun day yesterday for Teal's birthday-the staff all brought treats over to Pat and Lindsey's and Darrin presented him with a gift from the team...a pipe! Lots of the guys on the team smoke a pipe, so it was very fun for him to get it! Last night we went with friend to a place called "chili peppers" that is an american style bar, and it has a US flag out in front. We had a margherita and listened to music in English-yay!!! Our friend Ivan came-he is going back to Serbia soon, so it was nice to visit with him one last time before he goes. Andi has a friend in town who used to be on the Aix team but is now in graduate school at Northwestern. She cam along with a number of other friends/teammates. We are going to Andi's for dinner tonight, and we are all looking forward to it. Olivia has a birthday party/sleepover tomorrow night and Lexi has her friend Emma's party on Wednesday. I am glad they have some fun stuff to do while I am gone!
We have had gorgeous weather here, so I am NOT looking forward to going to the Hague-it's 45 and raining. YUCK...
well, i'm off to pack and vacuum and mop, and get all the snacks and the lunch and dinner list ready, and make sure all the clothes are easy to find, etc, etc, etc.

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