Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wow...I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted. It's a good indication of how crazy busy things have been here. Our Adult Ministry/Children's Ministry event was a huge hit with everyone involved, and we are looking forward to doing something similar again soon. We had invited Olivia's teacher and her husband (they live in Marseille) and it was fun getting to know her a bit better. We also sat with a couple who has 2 young kids-she's from California and he is French-and had a really fun time with them as well. It was really cool that at our table, a fair amount of the conversation was in French as there were 3 native French speakers, one fluent American, and us! We understood a lot, though! We had 15 couples and 14 kids, a fabulous dinner, a great talk on communication, and a thoroughly good time.
Julie and I have started planning our Easter outreach, which includes an egg hunt and family picnic, and also a children's choir that sings Easter Sunday. ( if anyone wants info on donating plastic eggs, candy or egg dying kits, email me at!
We have also begun meetings to plan for the week long day camp that we have coming up in July-it's VBS on steroids, and we are excited to be a part of it!
Teal is starting a couples Bible Study in 2 weeks, and we have 6 couples ready to go. His men's group is really taking off, too!
It's been a week since Olivia has asked when we are going home, and she laughed the other night when she was telling me a story because she is forgetting words in English now. She asked if it would be okay if sometimes she spoke French at home, because after doing it at school all day, it's hard to stop! WOW
We are getting to know our team better all the time, and they are truly becoming friends. The loneliness we felt for so many months is easing up a bit, and this life is at times not just bearable, but really good. It is harder than I ever imagined, and I still miss the conveniences and privileges I had living in the States, but we are beginning to see a purpose for being here.
There is so much more to write, but it is late. I have a full day of class and office hours tomorrow, and the dinner dishes are still on the table. Until next time! A Bientot...

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Austinace said...

That's an encouraging post -- and yay God for that. So glad to hear that you are able to have more clarity and comfort with each passing week.

Dave Panos...