Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We thought we had gotten off easy. We thought to ourselves, "winter here in Aix isn't bad at all! 65 degrees and sunny-yeehaw!" But the bitter winds of winter have begun to blow. The girls leave for school each morning (over a mile to walk) bundled from head to toe in multiple layers-so large by the time we are finished dressing that they look like little marshmallows! It is in the 20's most mornings, but I'm sure with wind chill it is closer to zero, and their faces and lips are chapped and red. They don't complain so much though. I think they are becoming accustomed to life just being harder here.
A friend and I were talking the other day and she said sometimes it feels like we have to scratch and claw for every little thing here, and in many ways it's true. We are keenly aware of the spiritual warfare going on here, and we feel the attacks on every front. Satan is trying to oppress and discourage us, and he will use any means possible. If you can today, say a prayer for protection for our team and our church. Pray for our children-for their attitudes and their relationships. Pray for our marriages, that they would be a light in the darkness here, that they would withstand the stresses of this journey we are on.
It is a gloomy day, and now it is my turn to bundle up and make the trek into town for French class. 4 hours of non stop fun. Just kidding.

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